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Trezor obr.1

Trezor obr.1

Příslušenství: klička + spec.šrouby proti povolení

Příslušenství: klička + spec.šrouby proti povolení


Usage: lighting Trezor is designated for illuminating of areas with high risk of vandalism such as prisons, stadiums, subways, undergrounds, changing rooms etc.

Body of the lightning unit is made of 1,5 mm thick steel plate varnished by powder paint, tone RAL 9006 or RAL 9003. A 4 mm thick polycarbonate diffusor is set in the top cover. The cover is joined to the body using special screws adjustable only when using a special kind of screwdriver.

Optical louvres are offered in two variations 

  • made of highly polished anodised aluminium
  • made of  matt anodised aluminium

Electrical accessories consit of electronic ballasts, 3-pole push wire terminals for connection of conductors up to 2,5 mm2 and G5 lamp holders. Internal wiring is done using 0,5 mm2 conductors. Emergency power source up to 3 hours is available on request.

Installation: directly to the ceiling or on the wall


Typ svítidla / Lighting type

Označení Obj. kód LxWxH (mm) A (mm) B (mm)
Trezor 1x28/54W
1200x190x55 1060 104
T12019-128L-96s 271411

T12019-128-96s 270411

T12019-154L-96s 271511

T12019-154-96s 270511

Trezor 1x21/39 W
900x190x55 760 104
T9019-121L-96s 271211

T9019-121-96s 270211

T9019-139L-96s 271311

T9019-139-96s 270311

Trezor 1x14/24 W
600x190x55 460 104
T9019-114L-96s 271011

T9019-114-96s 270011

T9019-124L-96s 271111

T9019-124-96s 270111

Trezor 2x28/54W
1200x190x55 1060 104
T12019-228-96s 271412

T12019-228-96s 270412

T12019-254-96s 271512

T12019-254-96s 270512

Trezor 2x21/39 W
900x190x55 760 104
T9019-221-96s 271212

T9019-221-96s 270212

T9019-239-96s 271312

T9019-239-96s 270312

Trezor 2x14/24 W
600x190x55 460 104
T9019-214-96s 271012

T9019-214-96s 270012

T9019-224-96s 271112

T9019-224-96s 270112

Detail images

  • Trezor obr.1
  • Příslušenství: klička + spec.šrouby proti povolení

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