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Ladybird obr.1

Ladybird obr.1

Interior fitting Ladybird

Usage: the lighting units are thanks to their excellent optical features designated for a use in administrative complexes, schools, shopping centres, offices or banks

Body of the lighting unit: steel plate varnished by powder paint, tone RAL 9006, RAL 9003.

Optical part consists of

  • perforated diffusor filled by opal foil - direct ilumination and
  • white parabolic reflector - indirect ilumination

Electrical accessories consit of electronic ballasts, 3-pole push wire terminals and G5 lamp holders. Emergency power source up to 3 hours is available on request.

Instalation: lighting units can be mounted directly to the ceiling or semi-recessed into a mineral or plasterboard ceiling.


Typ svítidla / Lighting type

Označení Obj. kód LxWxH (mm) A (mm) B (mm)
Ladybird 1/2x14/24W
600x180x85 31 46
L6018-114-91 360021

L6018-214-91 360022

L6018-124-91 360121

L6018-224-91 360122

Ladybird 1/2x21/39 W
900x180x85 31 46
L9018-121-91 360221

L9018-221-91 360222

L9018-139-91 360321

L9018-239-91 360322

Ladybird 1/2x28/54W
1200x180x85 31 46
L12018-128-91 360421

L12018-228-91 360422

L12018-154-91 360521

L12018-254-91 360522

Ladybird 1/2x35/49/80 W
1500x180x85 31 46
L15018-135-91 360621

L15018-235-91 360622

L15018-149-91 360721

L15018-249-91 360722

Detail images

  • Ladybird obr.1

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230V CE.jpg EMC.jpg F.jpg IP20 EVG EVG 1...10V EVG DIMM T5/G5 Emergency
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