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Deskito obr.1

Deskito obr.1

Detail úchytu obr.2

Detail úchytu obr.2

Table luminaire Deskito

Usage: luminaires are suitable for direct illumination of local areas in representative offices, lobbys, shops, banks, households etc.

Body of the lighting unit: steel plate varnished by pulverized paint, tone RAL 9006.

Diffusor: opal or prismatic cover distanced 10 mm from the body using distance valves.

Electrical accessories consit of electronic ballasts, 3-pole push wire terminals, 2G11 lamp holders, step-on switch. Internal wiring is done using 0,5 mm2 conductors.

Instalation: on the edge of the table (20 - 40 mm) + attached montage instructions.


Typ svítidla / Lighting type

Označení Obj. kód LxWxH (mm)
Wing RN 2/4x55W
D6522-255-96s 372011
D6522-255-96s-DALI 372015

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  • Detail úchytu obr.2

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230V CE.jpg EMC.jpg F.jpg IP20 EVG EVG 1...10V EVG DIMM TC-L/2G11
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