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Scrabble obr.1

Scrabble obr.1

Příslušenství: podhledová svorka

Příslušenství: podhledová svorka

Interior recessed lighting units SCRABBLE

Usage: the lighting units are in particular designated for the use in administrative complexes, schools, shopping centers, banks or offices.

Body of the lighting unit: steel plate varnished by powder paint, tone RAL  9003. Optional perforation of the steel board between the louvres forms an interesting design item.

Optical louvres are offered in two variations

  • made of anodised highly polished aluminium
  • made of anodised matt aluminium

Fixing of the louvre is solved using spring loaded fixtures, which enables easy  handling and replacement of the light source, but still ensures sufficient stability of the louvre.

Electrical accessories consit of electronic ballasts, 3-pole push wire terminals for connection of conductors up to 2,5 mm2 and G5 lamp holders. Internal wiring is done using 0,5 mm2 conductors. Emergency power source up to 3 hours is available on request.

Assembly into the lower ceiling units 600x600 and 625x625 with visible systems of carrier rails and into the plasterboard.

In the case of assembly into the plasterboard it is necessary to order a package of assembly components! Minimum height of the lower ceiling is 200 mm.


Typ svítidla / Lighting type

Označení Obj. kód LxWxH (mm)
Scrabble 3/4 x 14/24 W
595x595x51 (M600)
S6060-414LA-93 240201 L=lesklá mřížka/polished louvre
S6060-414LB-93 240221 M=matná mřížka/matt louvre
S6060-414LC-93 240241
S6060-414LA-D-93 240211 D=děrované panely/perforated
S6060-414LB-D-93 240231
S6060-414LC-D-93 240251
Scrabble 1/2 x 28/54 W
1195x295x51 (M600)
S12030-128L-93 240401 L=lesklá mřížka/polished louvre
S12030-128M-D-93 241411 M=matná mřížka/matt louvre
S12030-228L-93 240602
S12030-228M-D-93 241612 D=děrované panely/perforated
S12030-154L-93 240501
S12030-154M-D-93 241511
S12030-254L-93 240702
S12030-254M-D-93 241712

M625 - též k dispozici / also available

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  • Scrabble obr.1
  • Příslušenství: podhledová svorka

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