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ST-mb s.r.o., founded in 2007, is a company specialized in production, assemblies and trade of lighting technologies, metal products as well as in single parts‘ assembly operations.

Company’s main goal is development and production of lighting products for usage in households, shops and mainly in commercial sphere (offices, halls, etc.)

In the field of metal processing and surface treatments, ST-mb draws from multiyear experience of sister companies „Pavel Podlipský KOVOVÝROBA“ and „Pavel Podlipský KOVOLAK“.

We organise the production from the design phase up to packaging and transport to our customer.

To our advantages belongs high portion of flexibility achieved thanks to wast metal processing machine pool, thanks to which, we are able to develop and manufacture atypic lights in accordance to the wish of our customer.

We are able to produce lights based on provided design documentation, or based on existing models or samples. Thanks to our high tech machines, we can guarantee high precision of production, as well as its repetition in the same quality.

We deal with:

CNC blanking – size up to 1250x2500x2mm

CNC bending – press power up to 80t, bent edge max. 2500mm

CNC rolling – max. 2000mm

CNC cutting – mat. thickness max. 3mm

Stamping – excentric presses up to 40t

Welding – MIG, TIG, spot welding

Surface treatments – powder painting, 5-degree degreasing (Fe phosphating)

Other – band saw cutting, shot blasting

In co-operation – galvanic zinc coating, heat zinc coating


Besides the highest quality of our products, we offer to our customers complex service and consultancy in the business.

In order to modernize our production and improve our services, we built up a new modern industrial estate in 2006. The premises in Kněžmost centralize all our activities – metal-processing, surface treatments and assemblies of lighting units. At the moment, we would like to focus on further development of our products as well as on improvement of actual production; however, we also want to focus our efforts on the satisfaction of our customers. We are preparing a software for lighting calculations, which will enable to elaborate a project of the luminary even for the most demanding customers, and which will fulfil all the operative regulations and directives.

We are keeping up with the most modern light-industry trends, which are sourcing from efforts for reaching healthier lifestyle, environment protection, energy costs savings, waste efficiency, etc. As a result of these efforts, we managed to develop and put into production our first LED based lights (for more, see LED lighting units).

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