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Squares obr.1

Squares obr.1

Square downlighter Squares

Usage: light used for illumination of interior spaces such as lobbys, meeting rooms, corridors, shops or shop windows.

Body of the light is made of zink-coated steel, reflector is made of anodised highly polished or matt aluminium and outer frame is either from stainless steel, or from powder painted steel (RAL 9006 or according to customer's wish).

Reflector can be covered by sand-blasted glass.

Electrical accessories: magnetic gear or electronical ballast, G24-d or G24-q lamp holders, 3-pole terminal protected aginst tearing the conductors off.

Instalation: into lower ceilings or plasterboards using special ceiling springs that are part of the downlight - no tools are needed for the montage.


Typ svítidla / Lighting type

Označení Obj. kód LxWxH (mm) A (mm) Výřez/Cut out BxC (mm)
Squares 1/2 x 13/18/26 W
340x220x107 115 200x200
Sq2222-113-96s-T 250002 T=magnetický předř.

Sq2222-113-96s-E 250001 T=magnetic ballast

Sq2222-118-96s-T 250102

Sq2222-118-96s-E 250101 E=elektronický předř.

Sq2222-126-96s-T 250202 E=electronic ballast

Sq2222-126-96s-E 250201

Sq2222-213-96s-T 250302

Sq2222-213-96s-E 250301

Sq2222-218-96s-T 250402

Sq2222-218-96s-E 250401

Sq2222-226-96s-T 250502

Sq2222-226-96s-E 250501

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