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Gamp obr.1

Gamp obr.1

Industrial lighting units GAMP

Usage: these lighting units are designated for places such as administrative complexes, assembly halls, warehouses etc.

Body of the lighting unit is made of steel varnished by powder paint, tones RAL 9003 or RAL 9007.

Reflectors are from anodised highly polished or matt aluminium or from powder painted steel plate. All the reflectors are also available with perforation.

Electrical accessories consit of electronic ballasts, 3-pole push wire terminals for connection of conductors up to 2,5 mm2 and G5 lamp holders. Internal wiring is done using 0,5 mm2 conductors. Emergency power source up to 3 hours is available on request.

Lighting units can be mounted directly to the ceiling or suspended using our string hangers. For continuous row assemblies, we equip the lights with Wieland connectors according to customer’s requirement.


Typ svítidla / Lighting type

Označení Obj. kód LxWxH (mm)
Gamp 2x28/54W
G12314-228L-97 221421
G12314-228M-97 222421
G12314-228MD-97 225421
G12314-228B-93 223401
G12314-254L-97 221521
G12314-254M-97 222521
G12314-254B-93 223501
G12314-254BD-93 226501
Gamp 2x35/49/80 W
G15314-235L-97 221621
G15314-235M-97 222621
G15314-235MD-97 225621
G15314-235B-93 223601
G15314-249L-97 221721
G15314-249M-97 222721
G15314-249B-93 223701
G15314-249BD-93 226701

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